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House of Butterflies Exhibition. Palermo 2022

March 30, 2022 By Bellarome Travel

Summer is upon us and with it come the butterflies. This year the “House of Butterflies” which started on the 11th of March will run until the 25th of June in the new location of Parco Uditore in Palermo.

In the Sicilian capital, spring came early on the 11th of March, when for the first time the itinerant wildlife exhibition will be open inside the beautiful Parco Uditore. The place that symbolizes social redemption and love for nature, a nature that is finally preserved by man even within an urban area, the “House of Butterflies” finds its natural habitat.

The creator, Enzo Scarso, wanted to offer visitors a more informal space, compared to a museum three years ago. That’s why there are ample urban spaces to enjoy among nature. There are bike and pedestrian paths, and 2,000 square meters of play area for visitors to enjoy.

The Importance of Butterflies

Butterflies are arguably the most beautiful and graceful creatures on the planet. Colorful and delicate, they seem to be surrounded by a sort of magical aura. It’s no wonder that they are so widely photographed and represented in many paintings, drawings, songs and stories. Yet despite their fragility, they are essential creatures for our ecosystem. But perhaps not everyone knows the importance of butterflies for humans.

Butterflies too are environmental sentinels like bats, among the first species to disappear when the environment suffers. Therefore, the importance of their presence means that the environment around us is still healthy. Butterflies, like other insects, contribute to pollination and the spectacle of life. Generally, they can live for a few days or a week, and hardly reach a month of life.

An Educational Exhibition for all Ages

A team of expert naturalists will guide visitors on the journey of discovery, resolving doubts and offering insights and small curiosities. But it will also be possible to actively participate in workshops and initiatives managed directly by the Parco Uditore social cooperative which manages and maintains the park 365 days a year without the aid of public funds.

Born with an educational purpose, as well as naturalistic and playful, the “House of Butterflies” is a unique wildlife exhibition of its kind. A concrete example of respect and admiration for the wonders that nature offers to those who know how to look at it. The initiative is carried out in such a way as to always guarantee the well-being of the specimens at every stage of the project.

Surrounded by the flickering of hundreds of wings, visitors of all ages will have the opportunity to admire the beauty of the wonderful specimens on display. Different in shape and colors, but always fascinating.

The “House of Butterflies” was previously held in Modica, Ortigia and Marsala. This year the initiative will be held simultaneously in Marsala and Palermo.

If you are into nature, this exhibition is right up your alley. It’s encouraging to see the breadth and depth of exhibitions occuring in Sicily. Not only can you learn about history and culture, but there are many natural wonders such as these. Our travel experts are very much in the know so ask us about events occuring when you travel with us.