Palermo At Christmas

December 22, 2021 By Bellarome Travel

Palermo at Christmas is an explosion of music and colors: on the streets of the city, it is not difficult to come across musicians playing the bagpipes with the city lighting reminding us that it is time for celebration.

Traditionally, preparations for Christmas start early in Palermo, including an exhibition in the center of Viale Regione Siciliana. The Christmas Fair is set up here in autumn and this area becomes the privileged place of fun, for young and old. If you are planning your next trips to Sicily then don’t miss this outdoor extravaganza at Palermo.

Early in December, a Christmas tree 12 meters high and 5 meters in diameter is installed at the Quattro Canti di Città. The illuminations were handled by Vincenzo Montanelli, who oversaw the installation, and took place in the presence of the metropolitan mayor, Leoluca Orlando, who in agreement with the mayors of Monreale, Alberto Arcidiacono, and of Cefalù, Rosario Lapunzina, put in place the realization of a project for the enhancement of the monuments of the Arab Norman Route of Palermo, Cefalù and Monreale, & World Heritage Site.

In the various stands, visitors can admire the masterpieces of Sicilian craftsmanship, which invite you to enjoy pre-Christmas shopping. The little ones are waiting impatiently for the event to visit the charming Santa Claus House, and to complete the party atmosphere there is also the Luna Park!

Palermo at Christmas

During Christmas time, there are many events planned in the city: itinerant concerts of bagpipers and classical music, exhibitions, entertainment and games for children, theatrical performances, workshops, markets, culinary reviews, sports activities, processions, charity initiatives.

Exhibitions, concerts and nativity scenes for Christmas. Among the various initiatives in the city and in the province, the Torretta living crib, Christmas markets and Italian fairs.


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