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Mount Etna Nebrodi Park Autumn day Sicily Italy
Without a doubt fall/autumn is one of our favorite seasons to visit Sicily. Aside from the odd rainy day, the weather is almost always perfect – a comfortable warm temperature conducive to sightseeing and relaxing. Not to mention the gorgeous autumn folliage of orange and red hues together with clearer days which make for some […]
Moro Head
Introducing you some Sicilian symbols that are often seen in Sicily. They reflect the island’s rich history, but their meaning and origin are not always obvious at first glance. We have laid them out for you. Be sure to brush up on their meaning and check them out when there. That way you can know […]
Tour Italy Agrigento
In the heart of the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, in a small valley stands the Garden of Kolymbethra. It’s an intriguing archaeological area where history and nature blend together seamlessly. This makes it perfect for visitors to take in authentic Greek and Roman archeology. It takes its name from the Greek word kolymbethra, […]
Butterflies Sicily
Summer is upon us and with it come the butterflies. This year the “House of Butterflies” which started on the 11th of March will run until the 25th of June in the new location of Parco Uditore in Palermo. In the Sicilian capital, spring came early on the 11th of March, when for the first […]
Cathedral Acureale Sicily blog
Acireale is a charming town in the province of Catania, located on an old lava field plateau overlooking the sea. It is a city with ancient origins, and today the urban layout of Acireale is typical of the late medieval cities of Sicily. The city center is known as Timpa and thanks to it being […]
Carnival Acireale Catania
If you’re touring Sicily anytime between April and May, it’s a great idea to design your trip around some of the local festivals. We’ve handpicked a few which our sources have confirmed for 2022, with others still to be confirmed. Please check with your Classic Sicily travel consultant closer to your departure date for the […]
Mount Etna snow
There is nothing quite like putting on skis and descending the slopes of a volcano. And there is only one place in Italy that allows such an experience and that is Mount Etna, in Sicily. Naturally, the image of Etna is linked to ‘heat’, originating from its lava and of the earth that hosts it. […]
Sicily Mondello aerial view
Ferragosto is an Italian Mid-August vacation which takes place on the 15th of August. The 15th itself is a public holiday. Most businesses (apart from tourism and hospitality) shut down for at least that week, if not the entire month. And being summer, it is a time when Italians go on vacation – either abroad or […]
wedding in Sicily
The first exhibition dedicated to orchids, bonsai and weddings in Palermo will take place from 4th to 14th February, 2022. Gitto Garden, in via Castelforte 100, provides an ideal setting for an event designed both for plant lovers and lovers of greenery. Future brides and grooms can also find inspiration their wedding. Two different initiatives […]
Tour Italy Taormina
If you’re planning a trip to Sicily, you might be wondering when the best time to visit could be. A very good question indeed and one which largely depends on your personal preferences.  Perhaps you’d like to avoid the heat and peak season crowds for seeing all the sites. Or maybe you’re a beach lover […]
Ortygia is the oldest part of Syracuse and a celebrated tourist destination with many wonderful places to see. One of the must-visit sites of Ortygia is the temple of Athena.  The temple of Athena is arguably the most important sacral complex (and the most ancient) on the island of Ortygia and is located in the […]
Church Madonna della Rocca Taormina
The church of the Madonna della Rocca in Taormina dates back to the 12th century. Restored in 1600, it stands on a small mountain overlooking Taormina and is located a few steps from the Saraceno Castle. Its name reflects the fact that it was carved into a rock with the architecture being somewhat modest and […]