Cheese Festival in Collesano, a Dreamy Medieval Village in the Madonie Park

November 3, 2023 By Bellarome Travel

Exploring Collesano’s Medieval Charm

Collesano, a charming village tucked away in the province of Palermo, is a dreamy medieval haven that beckons travelers with its picturesque beauty. Its narrow alleys wind through a maze of historic buildings, evoking the rich tapestry of history imprinted on Madonie Park. This small village is like a captivating open-air book, inviting you to explore its fragrant countryside and crisp air.

A Glimpse into the Past

Collesano proudly boasts Norman origins, evident in the remnants of a castle that once stood with its distinctive feudal design. As you wander through the village, you’ll feel transported to a bygone era, where echoes of history resonate in the cobblestone streets. Book private tour of Sicily with us and explore the cheese festival in Collesano with a glimpse into past.

A Rural Paradise

Today, Collesano has transitioned into a predominantly agricultural center. The region is adorned with lush olive groves, vineyards, and citrus orchards, showcasing the vibrant rural life of Sicily. The land is a patchwork of vibrant colors, from the deep green of the olive groves to the sun-kissed vineyards. For shore excursions, airport transfers, and day tours of  Collesano, hire a private driver in Sicily.

The Cheese Festival Beckons

Collesano is now preparing to welcome cheese enthusiasts from across the globe from November 3 to 5. It’s time for the Collesano Cheese Festival, an event dedicated to celebrating the finest dairy products in a unique way. The star of the show is, of course, cheese, but it’s not a solo act; it’s part of a symphony of “taste scores” that will delight your senses.

A Feast for the Senses

The festival promises to be a gastronomic delight, tantalizing visitors’ taste buds with a wide variety of cheeses and other traditional culinary treasures. This is an event that cheese lovers won’t want to miss.

The Marcatu – A Glimpse into Ricotta Production

One of the festival’s must-see events is the Marcatu, a live performance that offers a fascinating glimpse into the production of ricotta. Watch in awe as skilled artisans craft this delectable cheese right before your eyes.

The Cheese & Wine Masterclass

On November 3, head to the ancient cloister of the historical archive of Santa Maria di Gesù for the Cheese & Wine masterclass. Led by a sommelier and an ONAF (National Organization of Cheese Tasters) master taster, this experience will introduce you to the world of Sicilian cheeses.

Taste Sicily’s Best Cheeses and Wines

During this masterclass, you’ll have the chance to savor five exquisite Sicilian cheeses, including Sicilian pecorino, Ragusano, Piacentinu Enna, Vastedda del Belice, and provola from Nebrodi. These cheeses will be expertly paired with five prestigious Sicilian wine labels, creating a symphony of flavors that will leave your palate singing.

Cheese Chef – A Culinary Showdown

On November 4, Piazza Duomo will host Cheese Chef, a thrilling cooking competition for non-professional chefs. Participants will take on the challenge of creating dishes rooted in popular Sicilian cuisine, incorporating at least one of the exceptional Sicilian cheeses mentioned earlier. A panel of expert judges will evaluate these dishes and reward the most creative and delicious creations.

 Explore Sicily’s Culinary Heritage

Throughout the festival, you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in taste workshops within Sandra Invidiata’s farm on November 3 and 4. These workshops will provide insights into the traditional methods and flavors that have defined Sicilian cuisine for generations.

Family-Friendly Fun

The festival isn’t just for adults; there are plenty of activities for the little ones. Special spaces are dedicated to entertaining children, ensuring that the whole family can enjoy the festivities. Visit to book a Sicily family tour and enjoy the family friendly fun.

As you plan your visit to the Collesano Cheese Festival, prepare to be transported to a medieval world of flavor and culture. This enchanting village in the heart of Madonie Park offers a unique experience that combines history, culinary excellence, and family-friendly fun. Don’t miss this opportunity to indulge in Sicily’s finest cheeses and wines while immersing yourself in the charm of Collesano. Mark your calendars for November 3-5, and get ready for a mouthwatering adventure in this delightful Sicilian village.