Ultimate Guide To Visiting Sicily With The Family

February 15, 2024 By Bellarome Travel

Sicily, a sun-kissed island in the Mediterranean, is like a treasure trove waiting to be explored by families of all ages.

Here are our top spots and travel tips for planning the perfect family getaway to Sicily.

Is Sicily worth visiting with the family?

Sicily is a great spot for the family, offering a long list of activities and attractions all ages can enjoy. Kids will love the beautiful sandy beaches with crystal clear waters such as Mondello, Cefalu, or San Vito lo Capo. They are perfect for building sandcastles and snorkeling. Best of all, Sicilian beaches are largely free of marine stingers or other dangerous fish found on the ocean beaches of the USA and Australia.

But it doesn’t stop there, Sicily is full of ancient ruins that ignite the imagination, with guided tour options that cater to all ages and interests. The whole family will be in awe of the Valley of Temples in Agrigento or the Greek Theatre in Syracuse. Picture your family wandering through ancient ruins and hypothesizing about how the ancient Greeks lived thousands of years ago.

Sicilians are also known for their warm hospitality and love of children. Locals will go out of their way to ensure your family feels welcome throughout your stay.

Is Sicily worth visiting with family

Things to do and see in Sicily with the family

  • Beaches: Sicily boasts numerous beautiful beaches with clear waters, perfect for families to enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and building sandcastles.
  • Open-air museums: Sicily boasts fascinating ancient ruins, medieval towns, and cultural attractions that captivate children and adults alike.
  • Nature and hiking: From hiking Mount Etna to exploring Zingaro Nature Reserve, Sicily offers plenty of outdoor activities that families can enjoy together.
  • Food: Sicilian cuisine is delicious and varied, with plenty of options to suit even the pickiest eaters. Children love trying new foods like arancini (rice balls), gelato/granita, and cannoli. Learn more about Sicilian must-try foods.

Family friendly activities in Sicily

Our top 5 kid-friendly beaches in Sicily

1. Mondello Beach: This sandy beach near Palermo is shallow and protected, making it suited to all ages. It also offers amenities such as beach clubs, cafes, and water sports rentals.

Mondello beach, Sicily

2. San Vito Lo Capo Beach: Located on the northwest coast of Sicily, this beach boasts soft golden sand and crystal-clear waters, ideal for families to swim and play. It’s also known for its shallow waters, making it safe for kids.

San Vito lo Capo, Sicily

3. Giardini Naxos Beach: Situated near Taormina on the east coast, this beach is known for its calm waters and sandy shores, making it perfect for children. It’s also lined with restaurants and cafes, providing convenience for families.

4. Isola Bella Beach: Also near Taormina, Isola Bella is a small island connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of sand. Families can enjoy exploring the island’s rocky shores, swimming in the clear waters, and snorkeling among the colorful marine life.

Isola Bella beach, Taormina

5. Fontane Bianche Beach: Located near Syracuse, Fontane Bianche offers a long stretch of sandy beach and shallow waters, great for families. It’s a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing, and picnicking.


Sicily’s open-air museums ignite the imagination

1. Valley of the Temples: Located in Agrigento, this UNESCO World Heritage site features a stunning collection of well-preserved ancient Greek temples and ruins from the 5th century BC. Visitors can wander among the doric temples dedicated to various gods, including the famous Temple of Concordia.

Valley of Temples, Agrigento

2. Greek theatre:  Located in Taormina, these 3rd-century AD ruins with intact marble seats and columns offer a glimpse into ancient Greek entertainment with panoramic views of Mount Etna.

Greek theatre Taormina

3. Roman Amphitheater: Located in the heart of Catania, this ancient amphitheater dates back to the 2nd century AD and is one of the largest Roman theaters in Italy. It once hosted gladiator games, theatrical performances, and other public spectacles.

Roman ampitheatre Catania

4. Segesta Archaeological Park: Located near Trapani, this park is home to the well-preserved ruins of an ancient Greek city. Visit the Doric temple and theater with stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

5. Selinunte Archaeological Park: This site on the southwestern coast of Sicily boasts the ruins of an ancient Greek city. The selection of temples, fortifications, and residential areas offer a glimpse into ancient Sicily.


Where to stay with the family

  • Family-friendly resorts: Found in Ragusa, Syracuse, Taormina, and Cefalu’, these resorts cater to families with amenities such as kids’ clubs, pools with slides, activities, and family-friendly dining. Let us find you a resort located near beaches or with easy access to attractions.
  • Agriturismi (farm stays): Found in almost every province across the island, Agritourism allows families to experience rural Sicilian life. Accommodation is generally spacious with the opportunity to interact with animals and eat off the land.
  • Family-friendly hotels: Many hotels in major cities of Sicily welcome families and offer well-equipped family rooms with cribs, and children’s menus. When you and the family travel with us, we’ll find your hotels in family-friendly neighborhoods or near attractions that appeal to children.

For an immersive experience for the whole family, check out this Sicily family tour. You can also use the information provided above to tell us what your family might enjoy so that we may craft you the perfect trip.