“Virga Florens” At The Diocesan Museum Of Agrigento: Christmas Exhibition Of Art, Nature & Faith

December 27, 2021 By Bellarome Travel

It is entitled “Virga Florens: Art, nature and faith in wax plastics and coral” and was inaugurated on December 17th in the exhibition halls of Mudia, the Diocesan museum of Agrigento.

Until 30th January 2022, it will be possible to visit this characteristic exhibition that arises from the collaboration between the Diocesan museum with the new director Domenica Brancato and the Garden club Valle dei Templi chaired by Romina Mancuso. Don’t miss to visit it, if you are on a luxury tour of Sicily.

Baby Jesus in wax, sleeping, sitting, smiling or with heart in hand, in swaddling clothes or in dresses, are the main subjects that shaped the multiple postures and expressions that make up the works chosen for this exhibition. Valuable artifacts from the Benedictine Monastery and the Collegio di Maria di Palma di Montechiaro and from private collections whose symbolism refers to the prophecy of Isaiah on the sapling of Jesse. The scenography that welcomes the small sculptures of the Child Jesus in wax is almost always a lyrical hymn to the floral world that prefigures the identity of the Savior and recalls infantile innocence.

Virga Florens at the Diocesan Museum of Agrigento 2

A scientific committee, set up for the occasion, saw experts in the sector committed to deepening these local qualities, including doctor Mariella La Matina and doctor Giacomo Lipari of the Superintendence of Agrigento, the art historian Santina Grasso, specialist and curator of various catalogues, professor Italo Giannola expert and ceroplastic restorer and doctor Manlio Speciale curator of the Botanical Garden of Palermo, as well as the members of the Garden, engaged in finding interesting and unpublished works of ceroplastic from Agrigento.

At the inauguration, Don Giuseppe Cumbo, vicar general, will help to grasp the link between the artistic works on display with the theme of the Virgult of Jesse. From the dead trunk of the Davidic house a green grain appears, a tiny shoot, a branch that finds its fulfilment in the fulfilment of the messianic promise in Jesus.