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Marsala a Beautiful Coastal Town in Western Sicily

The town has immense pride in its ancient origins and the fine exhibits in its archaeological museum. Marsala offers luxury hotels, beautiful sea views and intriguing cultural activities, making it an excellent choice for a diverse vacation in Sicily. It also offers public transport connections to the other principal sights in this part of Sicily, as well as ferry services to the gorgeous Aegadian Islands.

Marsala’s origins are tied up with those of Mozia – a small island and unusual archaeological site close to the town. Through ancient history, Mozia was an important colonial stronghold and was consequently attacked and destroyed by the Greeks in 397 BC. In fleeing the violence, Mozia’s residents settled on the Sicilian mainland in a region that became known as Lilybaeum, which today forms the town of Marsala. As a consequence of this resettlement, Marsala has a cultural heritage that is quite unique and many of its ancient treasures, including those originating from Mozia, can be viewed at Marsala’s archaeological museum.

Today, Marsala is most famous for two things: its glorious local Marsala wine and its up-and-coming tourism industry. While Marsala has been overlooked in the past by tourists due to its proximity to a number of better-known sites, such as Selinunte and Trapani, today visitors are recognizing Marsala’s historic significance, archaeological importance and glorious coastal vistas (as well as its sublime wine)! We highly recommend including it as part of your personalized vacation itinerary if you would like to explore the roots of Western Sicily.

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