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Historic Hill Town

Monreale is a historic hill-town just outside Palermo and enjoys excellent views down the valley of the Conca d’Oro towards the sea. It is a spectacularly picturesque place and most famous for the fine mosaics in the town’s great Norman cathedral.

Monreale can be easily reached by public transport from Palermo and so you can visit it as part of a day trip. However, Monreale’s laid-back lifestyle and pretty scenery means many choose to spend a night or two in the town to fully absorb the local culture. If you choose to include Monreale in your personalized Sicily tour, we recommend taking a tour of the cathedral to see its grand columns, which are decorated with unique mosaic tiles and topped by a large floral capital. The site is now UNESCO-protected and has been proclaimed by World Heritage experts as “an outstanding example of a socio-cultural syncretism between Western, Islamic and Byzantine cultures”.

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