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Mount Etna Tour – Etna Excursions

Highest Volcano In Europe (Mount Etna Tour)

Mount Etna is a world-famous active volcano that stands guard over the city of Catania. It is affectionately called Mamma Etna by locals and has long-attracted visitors from across the globe thanks to its frequent eruptions that light up the Sicilian night sky.

The mountain, which is the highest volcano in Europe, is considered a symbol of fertility for the nearby city of Catania. Indeed, the land around the volcano is particularly fertile, with an abundance of wildlife, agriculture and pretty vineyards that give rise to some of the best wines in Europe. There is also a glorious national park to enjoy, where you can stroll along numerous walking trails to see lava flows and rare nature.

It is quite possible to visit Mount Etna from Catania on a walking tour, allowing you to take in diverse landscape, including fruitful countryside and citrus groves leading up to thick forests and bare terrain dotted with epic craters. Particularly attractive areas of this epic volcano are the Bove Valley with its deep canyons, the ice cave of Grotta del Gelo and the Gole dell’Alcantara ravines. If you would like something more relaxed but would still like to immerse yourself in the ambience of Mount Etna, wine tasting in the volcanic foothills is also available.

Mount Etna is an icon of Sicily Tourist stop and a fundamental tour stop for anyone vacationing here any time of year. During the winter, you will be mesmerized by the snow-decorated scenery and skiing opportunities, while summer brings out rare wildlife and the opportunity to walk up a volcano!

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